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Asia-Pacific Environmental Meeting Held
Wednesday, 07 May 2008

The Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism (DBEDT), in partnership with the Asian Productivity Organization (APO, www.apo-tokyo.org ),  

hosted a "Study Meeting on Environmental Management in Hawaii" from February 11-15.

"Hawaii is deeply committed and interested in working on environmental and other sustainable technologies and services in the Asia Pacific region," remarked DBEDT Director Ted Liu.  "APO's mission is to improve the quality of life and productivity within countries of the region and Hawaii is an excellent location to showcase best practices that both protect our natural environment and Native Hawaiian cultural values."

The APO delegates.

The Hawaii meeting included presentations by local experts and visits to various sites that depict environmental solutions adopted by the government sector and private industry in the state.  Participants were intrigued by the natural beauty of the state and the purity of Oahu's drinking water.

There is global awareness and urgency in striving to attain environmental sustainability by developing new approaches and technologies to preserve natural resources.  The Asian country participants echoed this sentiment and found the information obtained during discussions useful and applicable to their respective countries.  The Study Meeting was an opportunity to share and exchange environmental management applications among participants and learn, in particular, from Hawaii which is known as one of the cleanest destinations on earth.

Eighteen participants, representing Taiwan, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Korea traveled to Hawaii to attend the week-long Study Mission.

The APO has been an important partner to DBEDT for many years.  Through Study Missions in Hawaii, DBEDT has facilitated unique opportunities for business and government leaders to exchange information about a variety of topics including education, new business and industry development, health care and aging issues that impact nations in the Asia-Pacific region and Hawaii. 

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